Home Inspections

    Before you buy a house, it is important to do a home inspection. It is a best practice to hire a professional home inspector. It’s is also a good idea to do your own inspection in addition to a professional. This will allow you to be involved in the process so you can have any of your concerns addressed. Make sure you know what aspects of the house’s condition are the most important to you, and remember that even new homes are not perfect. Here a quick list of areas to inspect for yourself. This is not a comprehensive list.


    Make sure drainage is directed away from the house.

    Look for any exterior signs of water damage.

    Sidewalks should be level and safe to walk on.

    Check the condition of any fences for damage of rotted wood.

    Tree branches and bushes should be hanging over the roof.

    General condition of the yard.

    Exterior Surfaces-

    Check to make sure exterior surfaces are in good shape.

    Make sure wooden siding does not make contact with the ground.

    Inspect windows, doors, and fames.

    Interior Rooms-

    Walls, floors and ceilings are in good shape.

    There should be heating and cooling vents in each habitable room.

    Lighting in each room operates properly.

    Kitchen and Bathrooms-

    No signs of leaking or water damage under the sink.

    Working exhaust fans.

    No damaged or decay under large appliances.

    All other areas look presentable

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