Plan a Family Game Night

    Don’t want to leave the house this weekend? Board games bring many families together around the kitchen table. However, many people are only familiar with outdated board games such as Monopoly or Clue. Board games have a come a long way over the past several decades. Here is a list of some modern board games to enjoy with friends and family.

    1. Spyfall: This is a simple question asking game. Everyone is trying to figure out which player is the spy before the timer runs out. It plays in under 10 minutes.
    2. Matterhorn: Ever wanted to climb a mountain? Well, this game won’t be anything like climbing a mountain, but you will get to roll dice and block other players from making it to the top first.
    3. Pandemic: Be the superheroes of disease prevention. Players travel around the world trying to stop virus outbreaks in this cooperative modern-classic.
    4. Cash n’ Guns: It’s a stand-off! Players point foam guns at each other in this simple heist themed game.
    5. Crossfire: A simple social deduction game where one player tries to pick out the bad guy from among all the other players.

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