Sell Your Stuff in a Yard Sale

    Whether you’re moving or spring cleaning, yard sales are still a great way to sell your underused belongings. Don’t mess around with trying to ship dozens of items to dozens of different online customers. Follow this quick list to make your garage sale successful.

    1. Plan a Day: Typically, weekend mornings are the best days to have a yard sale. You can also have a lot of success on certain Federal holidays such as Memorial and Labor Day.
    2. Prepare Your Wares: If you know a few things you want to sell, make sure think about other things you are willing to part with. As a general rule, if you have not used an item for well over a year, you might want to seriously think about selling it.
    3. Don’t Get Shut Down: Certain cities will require a permit to have a yard sale. A quick check online will let you know if you need to worry about it.
    4. Get the Word Out: There are a lot of ways to advertise for your yard sale. In 2018, you might want to start with social media. Post on any of your personal social media. You can also use Facebook to join any local yard or garage sale groups and post about the big day in those groups. You might also search for classified groups. There are also various garage sale websites that a quick Google search will reveal, not to mention Craigslist. You might also make a sign to put near busy intersections at least a week in advance.
    5. Get Ready: Organize all of your items for sale the day before the sale. Do some research on websites such as eBay to determine the price. It’s better to err on the low side of pricing. People like to find good deals at yard sales. Make sure you have plenty of money to make change. You might even save yourself some hassle by purchasing a card reader to take payments.
    6. Haggle: It’s the customers that sometimes will haggle for a better deal. Don’t be scared to tell someone “no” if they are trying to give you 10 dollars for your almost new leather couch. Later in the sale, you might start considering to take lower offers just to clear out the items you don’t want to deal with after the sale is over.


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