What Types of Food Do You Like?

    It’s often helpful to be specific. Generalizing is useful to identify common trends, but specific statements are more effective at clearly conveying information. Making generalized statements can be habitual. Even when talking about everyday subjects. For example, perhaps at some point, you have stated that you enjoy Asian food. To illustrate the sheer vagueness of such a statement, think how strange it might be to hear someone say they like North American food. North America is an entire continent. It would be difficult to be any less specific. North American food includes dishes from countries such as Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and even Greenland (to name a few). Asian food may even have a larger variety of culinary creations. The next time you tell someone you want to get Asian food, perhaps select one of the more specific options. Here is a far from comprehensive list of Asian food:

    1. Chinese
    2. Afghani
    3. Kazakhstani
    4. Turkmen
    5. Uzbek
    6. Thai
    7. Japanese
    8. Korean
    9. Malaysian
    10. Indonesian
    11. Vietnamese
    12. Filipino
    13. Singaporean
    14. Indian

    Source: https://www.tigerchef.com/regional-asian-cuisines-and-their-characteristics.html

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